February 23rd and 24th, 2023

Mind the Body:

Creativity, Improvisation, and Play in Philosophy & Dance

Hosted by our generous sponsors:

The Dee Foundation

University of Utah's Department of Philosophy & School of Dance

The Tanner Humanities Center

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A two-day summit of talks, activities, and workshops focused on Dance and Philosophy

The intersection of Dance and Philosophy is a place where mind and body meet. The activity of meaning making through thought and through motion tell parallel stories. For two days atop the snowy Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City Utah, philosophers and dancers will come together to investigate these parallels and bridge the distance between them. Through interactive workshops hosted by local dancers, and philosophy talks given by experts on the aesthetics/cognition in movement, we hope to find inspired interdisciplinary answers to questions like the following:

What does it mean 'to know' something through dance?

How is movement made meaningful?

Where does identity emerge or recede through motion and performance?

What relationship is shared between mind and body to create intelligent and aesthetic products of action?

What is style, how does it evoke meaning, and what can it tell us about ourselves?

What can cognitive models of mind and aesthetic models of movement learn from one another?

Enjoy Utah's Gala Week Performances

Professionally choreographed performances after the conference

Free admittance for Students and Faculty with RSVP

Located in MCD & The Alumni House

The Speakers & Workshop Hosts

Our Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Barbara Montero

Keynote Speaker

Thomas DeFrantz

Blurring the Background: Black Performance as Political Ontology

Invited Speakers

in progress...

Our Workshop Hosts

Eric Handman & Thi Nguyen

Creativity, Improvisation, & Play

Joselli Deans

Embodied Movement: Accessing Immateriality through Materiality


in progress...

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THANK YOU to our generous sponsors!